Who is Bug Out Bar?

Bug Out Bar founders

Our Story

Bug Out Bar was founded by a couple friends brainstorming business ideas in an Oakland, CA apartment.

Michael and Tim, the two founders of Bug Out Bar, wanted to make a dent in one of the world's existential issues. They were tipped off to the promising possibilities of insect protein. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization proposed that insect protein could address food security, nutritional requirements, and improve the environmental and climate impacts of our food systems. This sparked the idea to test the hypothesis in the U.S. and Bug Out Bar was born.

Bug Out Bar launched in 2020 with their minimal viable product, a cricket protein bar sold direct to consumers. The team hopes this humble beginning is a start to executing a larger vision.

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Michael Chesher, Co-Founder

Michael Chesher is CEO and Co-Founder of Bug Out Bar. Chesher is motivated by mission-driven work and making a dent in important problems.

Prior to founding Bug Out Bar, Chesher spent seven years at LinkedIn working to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. He helped manage global pricing for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions business which saw yearly revenue grow from $258M to $1B+ and was acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

After his tour of duty at LinkedIn, Chesher sought his next mission building a company from the ground up. With his Co-Founder, Tim Roth, Chesher decided to embark on a mission to create foods that are convenient, nutrient-dense, and sustainable. Bug Out Bar was formed in 2019. The company launched its first product, an innovative cricket-based protein bar, in February 2020 to the US market.

Outside of professional pursuits, Chesher enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking, sailing, and travelling to new corners of the world. As a graduate of the University of Michigan, Chesher is also an avid Michigan Football fan, and enjoys watching the games at home with his cat.

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Tim Roth, CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Roth is an innovative leader and productivity champion with a diverse background in global supply chain management, consumer packaging development, and organizational design. Roth specializes in leading cross-functional teams and has years of engineering, strategic planning, and procurement experience at Pfizer, L’Oreal, Wrigley, and Stuffed Puffs.

Roth has a knack for making connections and creatively simplifying business problems via process and technology solutions. At Wrigley, Roth led optimization programs, responsible for delivering 5% cost of goods reductions year over year. And while at L’Oreal, he managed the package development process for the launch of over 10 Garnier Skin Care and Styling products.

Roth is a challenge-driven entrepreneur with a strong passion for finding inventive ways to drive positive change. In 2019 he teamed up with his Co-Founder, Michael Chesher, to start Bug Out Bar, an innovative food company using edible insects to create convenient, nutrient-dense, and sustainable foods.

Currently, Roth is Vice President of Systems and Technology for Stuffed Puffs where he oversees the implementation of a new $40M manufacturing plant. He also serves on the Chicago Public Schools Industry Advisory Council for Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution.

In his spare time, Roth enjoys playing hockey in the local leagues and spending meaningful time with his friends and family.