References for infographic, "Why You Should Eat Crickets".
  1. Nutrition per 100g of cricket flour [R]:
  2. 2x the protein of beef [RR]
  3. 6x the B12 of wild salmon [RR]
  4. More omega-3 fatty acids than wild salmon [RR]
  5. Omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 2:1, closer to an ancestral diet [RR]
  6. Iron in similar amounts to beef [RR]
  7. Probiotic fiber from exoskeletons which may improve gut health and reduce inflammation [R]
  8. All 9 essential amino acids [R]
  9. Greenhouse gases could be cut by a factor of 100x [R, p63].
  10. Water scarcity is estimated to impact 1.8B people by 2025 [R, p64]
  11. Crickets may reduce water needs by a factor of 56x or more (depending on how water for forage and feed is counted) [R, p114].
  12. Land use could be reduced by 10x  [R, p114].
  13. Feed requirements could be 12x less [R, p60].
  14. Feed from organic side streams [R]
  15. Farmed crickets can be killed more humanely  [R]
  16. Crickets can be given “free range” opportunities in a smaller space [R].
  17. Harvesting of crickets occurs at the end of their natural life-cycle [R]